1. Welcome discomfort and uncertainty. This work is not easy. 

2. Move up, Move back: If you tend to take up a lot of space, leave room so others can speak up. If you notice that you have written several posts in a row, maybe pause so others can participate.

3. Access is an ongoing negotiation: Consider your access needs, including the ones that are being met in this moment, AND get curious about the access needs of the rest of the group.

4. Remember that there are people who don’t have access to this space.

5. Respect confidentiality. What’s shared stays, what’s learned leaves.

6. Share your own lived experience.

7. Ask clarifying questions.

8. Reserve the right to change your own mind.

9. Facilitators and moderators may remove people if we perceive harm is being enacted. As of Summer 2022, let Rebel Black, Claudia Alick, or that day’s facilitator know if someone’s actin a fool. If consented to, we may initiate a transformative justice process.

10. We work to cultivate access intimacy and trust-building with respect to Disability Justice principals. People who are not working in alignment with these values may be asked to leave.

11. This space is guided by the 10 Principles of Disability Justice.